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“One of my neighbours is a dear friend and senior who lives alone. I check in on her regularly as she has no family in the area and doesn’t drive anymore. I was so relieved when her daughter installed a Direct Alert emergency response system in her home.  Now everyone has peace of mind 24/7, including my neighbour who had often admitted to me that she often wondered what she would do should something happen while I was away.”

Vicky, Hamilton (Ontario)

“I am a senior caregiver and I just have to tell you about a recent experience that left me in awe of the promptness and quality of your emergency response service. I had just left a client’s home – a man in his 80s who lives by himself – and no sooner had I reached the corner of his street when my cell phone rang. It was you, Direct Alert, advising me that my client had just fallen. I was able to turn my car around and keep talking to him on the line until I got back to help him. My client was never alone during his ordeal.”

Steve, Regina (Saskatchewan)

“Direct Alert, I don’t know what my family and I would do without you. My two brothers and I are busy with careers and families of our own and can’t possibly give our mom the attention she deserves. She is quite active with a life of her own and very independent but we often feel guilty when an entire week goes by before one of us has a chance to visit her.

Then the other day the unexpected happened. Mom fell on the ice in front of her house and no one was around to help her. Luckily she was wearing her Direct Alert pendant and she was able to press her personal help button and a neighbour was notified right away.

Even mom doesn’t know what she would have done without her Direct Alert button!

Thanks a million Direct Alert!”

Brigitte, Montréal (Québec)

“Just a quick note to thank your emergency response team for being there when my father needed you. Mom was out grocery shopping and I was away on vacation when he suffered a mild heart attack. Not only was your operator able to access his personal file, call my mom and send for medical attention right away, but what we are most grateful for is that he had an “angel’s voice”, as he calls it, talk to him through the monitor until the ambulance arrived.

Our entire family still shudders at the thought of “what could have been” if it wasn’t for your immediate help at the touch of a button!”

Ally, Sidney (Nouvelle-Écosse)

“Although we haven’t had to use it, I just want to tell you about the security, independence and peace of mind your personal help button has provided our mom and entire family. My mother, who is legally blind in one eye, insists that she continue living in her house, even though my father passed away last spring.

I have to tell you that this was a huge stress on my sisters and me until we decided to install a Direct Alert personal response system in her home. We can now rest assured that whatever the emergency, she can get help 24/7 even when she can’t get to phone. It took less than 5 minutes to install and activate. We never thought that peace of mind could be so easy and so affordable!”

Samantha, Toronto (Ontario)

“I don’t usually write these kinds of letters but after Direct Alert helped save my mom’s life, I just had to express my gratitude. Mom was in the shower when she started to feel weak and faint. Luckily, she pressed her emergency response button on her wristband before passing out and falling. Not getting a response from my mother, the Direct Alert operator contacted me and sent an ambulance right away all the while staying on the line, calling out to her. If it wasn’t for your emergency personal response system, I might be writing my mother’s eulogy right now, instead of this letter of gratitude!

Thank you Direct Alert!”

Jon, Winnipeg (Manitoba)

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