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A trained professional from DirectAlert’s Canadian medical services team communicates with you through the two-way panel and makes sure that you receive the help you need from Canadian emergency alert services right away. Direct alert are well-known 24h monitoring systems for seniors & among Canadian medical alerts. It confers interdependence and comfort without compromising your security and your health.

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24h Monitoring Systems

Our standard 24h monitoring systems for seniors connects to a regular phone line and includes a wireless emergency help button providing instant 2-way live voice communication between our trained agents and your loved one.

Fall Detection

24h Monitoring Systems

Our fall detection personal emergency response system provides immediate help as soon as the built-in sensor detects a fall or whenever the wireless help button is pressed.


24h Monitoring Systems

This mobile personal emergency response system will keep you connected and safe virtually anywhere in Canada. With built-in cellular phone line, GPS and optional fall detection technology.

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