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Direct Alert Canada is a wireless two-way home Emergency Response caregiver that provides safe independent living to Canadians nationwide. With Direct Alert Canada you are never alone; help is only a press of your caregiver button away.

Direct Alert is offering you help at home with their emergency call services and products. It is an emergency response system that offers a simple solution to the isolation problem that too many persons are experiencing. With Direct Alert you are never alone; help is only a press of a button away.

Every utilisation of the alarm button is taken as a medical emergency by our intervening squad. The purpose is to win precious minutes by circulating to you information and personal that will come to give help. Our assistance center will dispatch you a medical team that will be also in charge to warn all your close relations, and act as an additional caregiver.

People who use Direct Alert see their autonomy improving with the assistance accessible from a simple call button press. Less separated, these persons can live their daily routine coupled with serenity.

Benefiting this autonomy, the elderly can also consider Direct Alert for an alternative solution to the retirement home, since this senior alarm system promise help when needed. This system, based on the complimentary between modern technology and an emergency alert professional team, offers them the possibility to continue to live at home.

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