Emergency Alert Bracelet

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DirectAlert offers an emergency system which comes with a programmable wall command and a wireless call button which is available in different forms, as an emergency alert bracelet or necklace.. The advantage of our systems is that they can be worn by the person discreetly. This medical alert bracelet can be comfortably worn on the wrist, or around the neck no matter what daily activities you participate in.

As a matter of fact, our emergency bracelet is a wireless emergency call button. When triggered, a signal is sent to our personal emergency response center which immediately connects you to our trained agents who will assess the situation and either call medical emergency services or family, friends, or any person of your choice.

The emergency alert bracelet is often chosen because it offers the possibility to keep the emergency button within reach at anytime. This accessory is rather discreet, almost unnoticed in everyday life. Furthermore, the alert bracelet is watertight within 3 feet deep.

Like every other device on the DirectAlert product line, the emergency alert bracelet is a reliable device of superior quality, and is covered by our warranty. Also, it is available without any contract.

DirectAlert is a wireless two-way home emergency medical alarm system that provides safe independent living to Canadians nationwide. With DirectAlert you are never alone; help is only a press of your emergency medical alert button away. Our system provides on call 24-hours-a-day, 365 days a year.

To get more info about our emergency alert bracelet or necklaces, compare all DirectAlert systems.


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