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Direct Alert is an emergency medical alert system that suits perfectly the elderly under medical surveillance. It also allows them to stay at their house. The Canada medical alarm system combines many advantages: an affordable price, easy to install, possibility to establish a bidirectional contact and a guaranteed efficiency.

Direct Alert is a wireless two-way home Emergency alert system for seniors that provides safe independent living to Canadians nationwide. With Direct Alert you are never alone; help is only a press of your emergency alert button away. Our system provides on call 24-hours-a-day, 365 days a year.

The emergency medical alarm system includes a wall command panel and a portable call button. Every call is taken as a medical emergency case by our emergency team, so that we give you the fastest help. The emergency alert center will send a help team and will be responsible to prevent your relatives.

Chiefly, a simple press on the call button alert our emergency medical team; you keep in this way a permanent access to the emergency alert assistance resources. The wireless button transmits a signal to a wall command panel that will immediately alert our emergency alert center.

Immediate response, and connects you in seconds to someone who can help.

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