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Will my Direct Alert fall detection system send a signal if I am walking around the house or if I bend over to play with my grandchildren?
How often do I need to charge my Direct Alert GPS tracking device / locator?
What is the range of my Direct Alert GPS tracking device / locator?
Will my Direct Alert GPS locator work indoors?
How much do DirectAlert Medical Alarm Systems cost?
How much is the monthly home monitoring for seniors?
Can I rent medical alarm systems?
How much does it cost to rent a personal emergency response system for seniors?
What if I want a second remote emergency help button, for my spouse?
Do I have to sign a contract?
If I press the emergency help button will I get charged?
Do private insurance companies cover the costs of the medical alert system?
I live in a small town; can a DirectAlert senior medical alarm system be used here?
How do I order or obtain more information on DirectAlert medical alarm systems and 24h live monitoring services for the elderly or loved ones?
How much to install our senior alert system?
If I am not in the same room as the main medical unit will anybody hear me?
Can my medical call button or elderly panic button be worn in the shower or bath?
What if I press the panic button and am unable to communicate with the Emergency Response Agent?
How far is the range of the wireless call button?
I have a pulse phone at home; can Direct Alert personal alarm systems be used with it?
Can I give my system alarm system to another family member?
Is my DirectAlert covered by a warranty?

“I like the dignity of staying in my own home!”

Silvia Thomson

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