DirectAlert is part of the TELUS family.
Learn more about this exciting development.

Direct Alert comes with a medical alert bracelet that connects you to help in seconds. When the medical alert bracelet is pressed a signal is sent to our emergency response centre and help is sent. Our emergency response system has all of your information in front of them as soon as the signal is sent and can relay that information to emergency services quickly and effectively.

Moreover, the emergency bracelet allows you to respond to a call from the emergency center. The transmission of the med alert signal is sent wirelessly, which makes Direct Alert’s emergency alert bracelet almost usable anywhere, and that without neither heavy equipment nor encumbering wires.

This med alert system is designed in order to help any person who is at risk of accidents, but still wants to keep their freedom. In Canada, the population is getting older; the portion seniors are representing in our aging country has to be noticed. Direct Alert’s goal is to give the opportunity to a person at risk and his relatives to have peace of mind. Knowing that their friend can contact them immediately through the med alert device in a case of emergency is a plus-value. Every second is valuable, and that is what Direct Alert is centering on: every device has been made to offer the fastest response as possible.

Med Alert assures that the safety of the customer is taken care of as optimally as possible. That is our mandate.

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