DirectAlert is part of the TELUS family.
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A health problem? Press on your personal medi alert button and our emergency intervention team will immediately be in contact with you. This is the method of Direct Alert for emergency medical cases. The emergency notion is the core value of the Canada medical alarm system, because every second counts. The person in charge of being the first contact will take care of your situation by defining the type of emergency you will need, and of course, will stay online until the intervention team arrives to you. Even if you are in the incapability to answer back to the emergency call center after the pressure of the button, a team will be sent immediately.

Direct Alert comes with a medi alert bracelet that connects you to help in seconds. When the medical alert bracelet is pressed a signal is sent to our emergency response centre and help is sent. Our emergency response centre has all of your information in front of them as soon as the signal is sent and can relay that information to emergency services quickly and effectively. In the cases of seniors having a little autonomy, Direct Alert can be considered as an alternative solution for the retirement home, because it proposes assistance for the emergency cases of a higher degree. With Direct Alert, you are never alone. You only have to press on the medical alarm button when you are in an emergency. To get more infos about Medi alert by contacting us

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