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Direct Alert’s system constitutes of a programmable wall command panel and a personal help button that can be presented in several forms, one of them is the medical alert bracelet. Obviously, the main advantage of the bracelet is that it can easily and comfortably be worn on the wrist.

This emergency alert bracelet supports the alert button, when this one is pressed; it immediately sends the signal to the emergency response center. Afterwards, the response center retransmits the alert to the hospital emergency services, along to your loved ones. This way, your family, your friends or any other person of your choice who has been registered to your list will be alerted.

Direct Alert’s medical alert bracelet also lets you to reply vocally to an emergency center call. The form of the medical bracelet is particularly appreciated because it keeps the call button within reach no matter what you are during your day. Furthermore, the bracelet has a discreet form of a watch-bracelet, offered in elegant beige, thus will be almost unnoticeable in your everyday life.

A medical alert bracelet is a wireless button which can be worn as a watch, necklace, or pendant or clipped onto a belt. When the medical alert bracelet is pressed a signal is sent to our emergency team and emergency services (family/Neighbors) are contacted. To learn more about the Direct Alert emergency response system Canada and our packages and promotions please visit our site at

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