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Canada’s Direct Alert is offering a guaranteed safety feeling to every customer. The emergency system includes a trigger part which is available in several forms: watch, bracelet, necklace, broach or clip. A popular item is the medical alert necklace.

The help system combines a wall command panel and a portable call button. A pressure on the button (of the med alert necklace for example) and it will alert the emergency team of the call center. In this way, we establish an immediate contact to send an immediate response with the emergency team and notify your relatives.

Direct Alert is the perfect Canada medical alert system for seniors with medical conditions. When the button is pressed our emergency response team speaks through the main panel in a matter of seconds and sends help right away.

Installing the very simple equipment can be preventing a lot of sadness. Indeed, the call button is available in many forms. It can be worn as a necklace, a bracelet, a watch, a belt clip or even a broach. To complete the emergency button, there is a command panel that needs to be installed on the wall.

Direct Alert proposes a help device without any contract, dedicated to the assistance of people who are losing their autonomy. The medical alert necklace will surely be a symbol of freedom to their eyes.

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