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Medical Call ButtonWhen we, at Direct Alert thought of a kind of medical alert, were thinking about finding the right system to help the people in need, we thought that one of the most important aspects is to bring closeness. Indeed, even if the customer is geographically located far from the emergency center, he will need to feel safe. This feeling will be possible with the help of a device especially designed to establish a direct link between the customer and the emergency center. proposes such a device; it is the medical call button.

The call button is a wireless button which can be worn as a watch, a necklace, a pendant or clipped onto a belt. The idea behind this is that the help system is at anytime nearby the customer. When the call button is pressed, a signal is sent to our emergency team, Canada medical emergency services and relatives (family, friends and neighbours) are contacted.

According to Public Health Agency of Canada, the country undergoes significant demographic changes. In 1921, people over 65 years old were only representing less than 5% of the population. Canada Statistics forecasts that this particular group of persons will represent more than 15% in year 2026. Seniors are more likely to eventually have incapacity. Especially the ones over 75 years old may have vision, audition, mobility or dexterity problems.

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