Choosing the Right Panic Button For Seniors Living Alone

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Choosing the right panic button can be quite overwhelming. We’ve created this page to breakdown all of the available options so that you can choose the perfect match for you or your loved one. When considering a panic button for seniors you need to think about the users lifestyle.. Where do they need protection? Do they need protection just home or while they are running errands? How about automatic fall protection?

The 4 Types of Panic Button For Seniors

DirectAlert panic buttons for seniors are available to wear as a bracelet, necklace or clipped on to a belt. that keeps you directly in live 2-way voice contact with our highly trained professionals. As soon as you press on the panic button, a signal is sent to our medical alert system which issues a call to our 24h emergency response center.

This center is treating the sent information by the signal to transmit your call to the emergency medical services.

A person living alone, who needs quick assistance in an emergency case, will regain a true peace of mind by dint of Direct Alert’s Canadian medical alerts system. A quality intervention proves to be decisive during a medical emergency call, that is why it is important that every person in need has access to the panic button.

As soon as the person presses on the panic button for seniors, that person will be in contact with our emergency call center. That is how DirectAlert is making sure that the help is dispatched as quickly as possible.

DirectAlert is proposing a trustworthy tool without any contract, entirely dedicated to helping people with low autonomy.

DirectAlert’s panic button is a wireless button which can be worn as a watch, necklace, pendant, or on a belt. When the panic button is pressed a signal is sent to our emergency team and emergency services, family and friends are called.

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