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Medical Alert Alarm and Personal Emergency Response System by Direct AlertA person living alone who may need rapid assistance in emergency can find peace of mind with the help of an effective personal medical alarm. We all know how a quick intervention may have major consequences during an emergency case, and how much it is imperative to offer this service to everyone.

Where DirectAlert Comes In

DirectAlert provides a reliable and affordable device entirely oriented to help persons with low autonomy. Our personal medical alarm includes two main components: a wall command panel and a personal help button. The first one assures a contact with the assistance center, while the second one consists of a trigger button and is worn under the form of a medical alert bracelet, a medical alert necklace or a medical alert broach.

When the personal medical alarm button is pressed…

Any press of the personal medical alarm button is considered as a medical emergency and is treated as it by our team of professionals. The purpose of this operation is in the event of an emergency our personnel can respond with the shortest delays exactly when needed and provide the best possible care.

DirectAlert is a wireless two-way home personal emergency response system that provides safe independent living and personal medical alarm to Canadians nationwide.

With Direct Alert you are never alone; help is only a press of a button away.

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