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How it works

Simple and effective. Our medical alert systems provide a quick response when you need it most.

Home is where the heart is

But, did you know that home is where the majority of Canadians over the age of 65 have accidents?

In the event of a fall or medical emergency, getting help quickly can make a monumental difference in recovery. While DirectAlert is ideal for anyone who wants added security and peace of mind, our products can be a lifeline for individuals who:

  • Have difficulty walking, use mobility aids or are at risk of falling.
  • Live alone but still want to maintain their independence
  • Suffer from heart disease*, seizures, parkinsons, MS or other similar conditions
  • Are prone to wandering due to Dementia or Alzheimer’s

Is your loved one suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s? Our new Mobile GPS+ can help put your mind at ease. Mobile GPS+ CareCloud feature allows caregivers to easily monitor the device’s status and events tracked by the device. It can even be programmed to send you test messages the minute an event is tracked. Talk to one of our customer care agents for more information.

* if you wear a pace maker, please check with your physician before using Mobile GPS+ as a pendant.


How DirectAlert {keyword3} Work


Press Your Wireless Alert Button

Instantly connect to our 24h emergency response center.


Speak With an Emergency Agent

Our trained agents respond and assess the situation.


Receive Immediate Help

Emergency contacts and/or your local 911 services are notified.

Fall Detection

Automatic Fall Detection

Places a call for help as soon as the built-in sensor detects a fall.


GPS & RoamAlert

Check status of user or setup boundaries using our On the Go Mobile System.

* DirectAlert works with most traditional phone lines including VOIP and cable. No phone line? No problem. We also have units that feature a built-in cellular phone line.

DirectAlert {keyword3}

The Perfect Fit for Any Lifestyle

At Home


At Home Alert Systems for Seniors

Enjoy security and peace of mind at home with our Classic Series of {keyword3}. Simply push the help button and you're immediately connected.

Fall Detection


Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection

Benefit from an added layer of security with our Fall Detection {keyword3}. Automatically connects you in the event of a fall.

On the Go

Mobile GPS+

Mobile Medical Alert Systems with GPS and Fall Detection Canada

Complete freedom with our mobile {keyword1}. Built-in cellular phone line, GPS, fall detection and geofencing technology.

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