DirectAlert is part of the TELUS family.
Learn more about this exciting development.

An exciting new chapter.

In 2019, TELUS acquired Direct Alert and will now welcome you and all of our customers to the TELUS family. At Direct Alert we believe our customers should have access to the best products and service available and TELUS, already in the Personal Emergency Business with the Living Well Companion service, is the ideal partner to ensure the families we protect have the peace of mind of knowing that their loved ones are receiving the best possible care today into the future, just as we have provided since 2004

Rest assured, Direct Alert and TELUS are both committed to providing you with the same reliable service you currently enjoy. Most importantly, your monitoring services will continue to operate as usual and you aren’t required to do anything.

TELUS, in addition to their Personal Emergency Response Services also provides state-of-the-art services to homes and businesses across Canada. And now, they’re committed to using the power of technology to further enhance your world through their award-winning wireless and PureFibre™ networks. Over time, TELUS will bring Direct Alert Canada customers like you additional benefits and exclusive deals on other home, mobile and health services. TELUS will provide you with more information about these opportunities over the coming months.

Q: What does this mean for my Direct Alert service?

Right now, you won’t see any changes. You can continue to access services and support from the Direct Alert team as you always have; support teams will remain the same and your monthly rate will not change. Most importantly, your monitoring services will continue to operate as usual.

TELUS is very excited to welcome Direct Alert to the TELUS family and looks forward to serving you. We are confident that Direct Alert will thrive as part of TELUS and continue to deliver the outstanding service you have come to know.

Q: What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything; simply continue to enjoy the same reliable service you currently receive and keep an eye out for communications from TELUS.

Q: What does this mean for Direct Alert customer support?

There is no change to your current support – we remain 100% committed to delivering the high quality service and support you are accustomed to.

Q: What will happen to my personal information?

Your information will remain secure and confidential. TELUS is recognized as a leader in customer experience, security, privacy, and innovation.

Q: Who can I contact about my Direct Alert services?

For more information about your Direct Alert products and services, please visit or contact us at 1-877-391-1767

Q: Who can I contact about TELUS services?

TELUS offers home solutions in British Columbia, Alberta and Eastern Quebec, including Home Phone, High Speed Internet, Optik TV, PIK TV, High Speed Internet over LTE, SmartHome Security and Mobile services. In the rest of Canada TELUS offers Mobile services on award-winning networks. For more information about TELUS products and services, please visit

Q: Why did TELUS buy Direct Alert?

TELUS already provides state-of-the-art Personal Emergency Response services to Canadians. This acquisition provides TELUS with an opportunity to expand their network and bring lifesaving technology to even more customers.

TELUS is committed to using the power of technology to bring convenience, control and safety to life through their world-leading wireless and Fibre networks as they power the smart buildings, smart cities, connected homes and health services of all Canadians.

Q: Who is TELUS?

TELUS is in the business of connecting Canadians, with a purpose of making sure those connections improve the lives of Canadians and the communities where they live. To find out more visit why TELUS at

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