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Read why they chose DirectAlert Medical Alert Systems and recommended it to their friends.

Emergency Response System For Seniors

“I like the dignity of staying in my own home”

~ Silvia Thomson

“Helping my parents stay in the home they love is the best thing I’ve ever done. I understood the psychological blow parents can endure when they find that living in their own home becomes too much for them and that’s why I chose DirectAlert. DirectAlert helps them live a life of quiet dignity in the home they worked so hard to build all their life.”

Panic Button For Elderly

“I can’t always be there for Pop, but it’s reassuring that DirectAlert has my back”

~ David Barbutto

“I have kids and a family of my own and my Dad lives by himself. He tells me he’s fine and he’s not bad, but I see the small things, and I worry. Then I came across DirectAlert and signed up, it was a great decision. I may have gotten this for my Dad, but I surely do sleep better at night. Thank you!”

Medical Alert System For Seniors

“She means the world to me and I always said I would protect her”

~ John Lamatta

“We always dreamed of a great retirement, growing old together. We’re not going to let a medical condition stop us from enjoying that. Getting DirectAlert gives us that little bit of extra reassurance that everything will be fine in the case of any emergency.”

Panic Button For Seniors

“I love the grandkids coming over to our house”

~ Jim Lee

“We worked long and hard building not just a house of bricks and wood, but a home where we raised a family. I love the fact that the grandkids can come over anytime they want. Staying in my own home let’s me enjoy quality time with them and DirectAlert is just that little extra security blanket.”

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