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The Evolution of Home Care Services for Seniors in Canada & How DirectAlert is Helping

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Let’s take a look at how home care services has changed over the years and how Direct Alert Canada has been helping seniors stay in their homes longer and at the same time providing relief to caregivers 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.
Montreal, Quebec – April 13th, 2016 – The demand for caregivers and home care services for seniors in Canada is exceeding resources. However, companies who care about you and the safety of our seniors are investing in innovation and technology. Celebrating 10 years in Canada, Direct Alert is playing a vital & leading role to support caregivers & loved ones during this period of increased demand & aging population.

According to a white paper released by Statistics Canada, caregivers, family and friends account for 88% of the support received by seniors living at home, leaving a mere 12% to the professionals.


Over 2 million seniors are receiving home care services & caregivers are providing the support 88% of the time.

Home Care Services Seniors Canada


Over-worked caregiver? How to take time off & enjoy it?

Caregivers really need some time off, time to themselves and time to spend with their families. It’s a known fact that many caregivers these days are stressed out, angry, sad, disappointed, depressed and feel alone caring for loved ones. What if I told you that DirectAlert offers an affordable solution that allows caregivers to take breaks and enjoy time off anytime they need it for less than $1 per day? Pat me on the back and read on.

You’ll feel great knowing that Direct Alert is there 24/7, and your loved one feels safe knowing that in case of any emergency, a live agent is just one click away. As soon as you install, activate and test your DirectAlert system, you’ll hear our live agents comforting voice and immediately feel a sense of relief. From that point on, you will love your DirectAlert system. Compare DirectAlert systems.


How do Direct Alert systems really work?

DirectAlert systems come equipped with a 2-way live voice base station and a wireless help button. If a user pushes the help button or the device detects a fall, our system will automatically put you in touch with a live agent.

Help Us Help Seniors
& Caregivers in Canada

DirectAlert needs your help spreading the news about our home care services that benefit seniors & caregivers!

Do you know a caregiver that needs help or seems overwhelmed? How about a senior that lives alone? Share this post with them and as many friends and family members as you can. We need to work together, create awareness that DirectAlert does exist and it does not have to cost thousands for extra help. For more information, please visit or call 1-877-391-1767.


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